martedì 17 luglio 2012

Casa Belfi: Colfòndo "goloso"

di Egle Capilupi – Maurizio Donadi appreciated the adjective “goloso”, which means “appealing”, “tempting” used by the blog “ Gli amici del bar” to describe our sparkling wine Colfondo- Casa Belfi.
A really appropriate adjective, expressing our philosophy. A wine easy to drink, that makes you want to drink another glass.
Some considerations from the tasting schedule published by Luigi Facchia on his blog:
Microbes and biological liveliness are Maurizio Donadi’s answer to find stability and health in his wines.
Nice bottle and nice packaging, citrus fruits and dried flowers.
Dry, refreshing, cleansing, sapid, elegant.
A wine that needs to be explained because unfiltered.
A wine you should always keep a couple of bottles of in your fridge for your own pleasure

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